Planetary Coral Reef Foundation’s Ship Brings Message to Save Coral Reefs


 PCRF’s Research Vessel RV Heraclitus


RV Heraclitus Homecoming Tour

After circumnavigating the globe and sailing over 200,000 sea miles, RV Heraclitus (RVH) is returning home for the very first time since it was built and launched in Oakland, California in 1975. On May 4, 2003, the Heraclitus crew set sail from Guam for a journey across the Pacific to bring international attention to the coral reef crisis. Sailing north, charting its course in the way of the ancient mariners – by stars, winds and currents – the Heraclitus completed the 142 day, 6,000 mile journey and arrived in Port Angeles, Washington on September 23rd.   The RV Heraclitus will sail down the West Coast for a series of scientific, educational, high profile media and fundraising events in San Francisco, Oakland and Los Angeles during October and November.


Join us for these exciting homecoming celebrations, which include:










·        November 18, 2003 RVH sails into Los Angeles greeted by a noble gathering of boats, schoolchildren, community leaders and government officials. RVH docks at Burton Chace Park, Marina del Rey. Welcome ceremony and coral reef educational activities.


·        November 18-24, 2003: RVH docked at Burton Chase Park, Marina del Rey. Events and coral reef educational activities in greater Los Angeles area.


·        November 22, 2003: RVH crew attends a fundraising dinner hosted by James Cameron.


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